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Revolutionizing optical sensing

IRsweep offers a cutting-edge optical spectrometer in the mid-infrared. Microsecond time resolution combined with large spectral bandwidth and high spectral resolution offers a plethora of new possibilities in molecular analysis.

Real-time observation of enzyme kinetics and chemical reaction monitoring are two out of many application fields of the IRspectrometer.



New IRcell release reaches record low fringe levels

Today, we release a new revision of the IRcell with a specified fringe level below 0.2 per mil RMS with typical values 0.1 per mil RMS.


optics.org features IRspectrometer.

Read why the upcoming IRspectrometer helps you to measure faster and more precise.


IRcell makes world news on Laser Focus World

Read why IRcell is optimal for trace gas sensing. It not only offers a long optical path in a small detection volume, but is also monolithic and robust.


IRcell in the news again.

Read why IRcell is the most comprehensive choice for trace gas analysis.

What we offer

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  • Turn-key dual-comb spectrometer
  • Microsecond time resolution
  • Large spectral bandwidth
  • High spectral resolution
  • Scalable design

Our customers will experience an unmatched combination of speed and resolution, allowing them to see things they could not observe before.

Markus Mangold, CTO

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