Fast high-resolution spectrometer

The IRspectrometer offers an optical sensor with an unmatched combination of speed, bandwidth and brightness.

The IRsweep QCL frequency comb spectrometer is the first system to provide a semiconductor-based electrically-pumped mid-IR frequency comb spectroscopy system.

Microsecond time resolution combined with large spectral bandwidth and high spectral resolution offers new possibilities in various applications such as trace gas sensing, bio-molecular spectroscopy, and chemical analysis.

Especially in applications with a complex background matrix or where multiple similar molecules have to be quantified simultaneously, QCL frequency combs are a great solution.

You can see a video of the IRspectrometer running live on Youtube.

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High speed

Time resolution below 1 microsecond ans Signal-to-noise ratios above 1000 enable analysis of fast processes and high throughput applications.

High brightness

The laser frequency comb source offers higher brightness than conventional globar-based systems which enables analysis of strongly absorbing samples and shorter integration times.


A bandwidth of up to 150 cm-1 in the mid-IR range of 5 µm (2000 cm-1) to 10 µm (1000cm-1) enables observation of broad features or multiple substances.